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In 2008 the recession hit many people and Hayley and her husband lost their business. In losing the business they subsequently lost their home. The day after they lost the business Hayley found out she was pregnant. In 2009 Hayley gave birth to beautiful twins, Skye and Blake. Vince, her eldest son was 29 months old.

When the twins were only 11 weeks old, Hayley’s husband, Steve, had a major motorbike accident. Even though her children were only tiny, Hayley ventured back and forth to London to be with Steve. She travelled approximately 1,000miles a week, coped with housework, children and everyday life whilst watching to see if her husband would even survive. He did make it but It wasn’t easy, Steve had sustained extensive brain injury needing full rehabilitation. After 18 months, sadly, Hayley and Steve separated.

On 7th November 2013, the day before her 34th birthday Hayley was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hayley needed a mastectomy and lymphs nodes removed. She had to endure 6 months of chemotherapy and 3 weeks of radiotherapy which resulted in her losing her hair and nails, tingling in her fingers and toes, gritty eyes, bones feeling like they were broken and severe diarrhoea to name a few symptoms. Can anyone even begin to imagine how hideous this must be? And that’s without the daily upkeep of 3 children and a home and being a lone parent. Throughout this time Hayley still managed to smile!

We are now in October 2015. The cancer has returned! Hayley has now been told that she has cancer in her ribs, pelvis, lungs and the lymph nodes in her chest. She has been told it’s terminal.

Meet Hayley – this is her story.

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