…Bras, Bras and more Bras…

You see, there is always a positive out of a negative…..11215774_10153799392053474_5860828393634956861_n 12033035_10153799392043474_4749627702170982792_n How can a positive be found after being given such a devastating diagnosis? because there is so much love that has been shown and shared, realising that we live in such an amazing community.

Well, I’ve always had a very wide circle of friends, Friends that love and support us and id like to think I support my friends in the same way. I have been touched by such amazing people.

BRAS and more Bras.

Amy, an amazing friend of mine started asking mums at school for their unwanted bras, before we knew it there are piles of them all over Lee on Solent and Gosport. These bras will be hooked together and used as bunting at any event for the group that has been set up to support and fundraise for us. When we have finished with them all they will be sent to breast cancer awareness, to then be sent to Africa for the textile industry.
I think Amy is onto something new and unique! Amazing idea Amy

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admin…Bras, Bras and more Bras…
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