Thank you!

Would like to take a moment to firstly honour April Newby and little monkeys for holding today’s coffee/cake/raffle morning and raising a stonking £300 for us!!! With this I will be getting a camcorder to capture our special times. Thank you all who made this morning a success.

I would also like to honour an amazing friend, who feels more like my sister, Lynn Bennett. This lady is amazing. We laugh and cry together. She,herself is still coming to terms with loosing her husband to cancer 2 years ago and even in her pain she still holds me up.

Thank you to everyone who helps and supports me ‘behind the scenes’ and laughs and cries, not only at me but with me ❤😍

adminThank you!
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Today’s Positive

My positive for today is: receiving a picture of my princess. In times of stress/anxiety/worry she often shows this In poor behaviour. All 3 have had 2 nights away from me with no contact which I’m finding so hard. They are happy and enjoying their time with our amazing friends 😍

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adminToday’s Positive
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