Lapland, WOW what can I say, it was amazing.

The holiday of a lifetime. We would love to give everyone a MASSIVE THANKS to you for supporting us and all the fundraising made my dream possible to go to Lapland with the children. The bonus was that my mummy came with us too.

I surprised everyone with a stretched limo to Stansted Airport, their faces when the Limo arrived was a picture!
We travelled in style, we enjoyed the quality time.
Our first stay in a hotel together was the night before we flew to Hetta in Finland.

IMG_3845 IMG_3847IMG_3849


When we arrived, it was amazing, truly magical. Stepping off from the plane down the steps onto the beautiful white snow. Breathing in the freezing air, it was a dry air, a dry crisp air.

I would like to share a few pictures of our amazing trip:

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We met Father Christmas








Thank you all so much for making this possible. we loved it!!!

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My Birthday Bash – Its all about me.

After I was diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer last month, I reflected on my previous two birthdays, my last (35th) birthday, I spent in hospital due to a bad skin infection around my breast inplant. My body wasn’t happy with the inplant being there. After a week of intravenous antibiotics all was well again.
The day before my 34th birthday (7th Nov,) this day was the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer and also had my decree absolute through for my divorce. Not such a happy day. So, I decided to mark this birthday, My 36th Birthday to have something happy, some fun, with smiles around. This is what happened. Love, Smiles, Laughter and Fun.

IMG_0177 IMG_0183 IMG_0187I wanted to share a few pictures of myself and my parents with you,
I love old pictures.

Getting ready for my Birthday party, I found it quite emotional, trying on lots of different dresses, I felt it was my last party. A party not just to celebrate my birthday and to thank my amazing family and amazing friends, to me it felt like a ‘Good-Bye’ Party too.

I thoroughly enjoyed my party, I Thank my great friends for organising such a great night, it all was a lovely surprise even the cake. such fun, I hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as I did. My body was screaming at me in pain, I wasn’t about to give in and sit down, I was determined to try and see everyone, to talk and to thank them for celebrating with me.

A fun night, I know we really enjoyed the night, which ended back at home at 130am with 3 happy children.
Memory making and fun times

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adminMy Birthday Bash – Its all about me.
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