Just a Quick Update

Just a Quick Update (25-04-2016)

Hi all,

Today I had a midday appointment, not realising I would be waiting nearly 3 hours to see my Oncologist. She must have had an emergency earlier on in her clinic. The waiting for your 3 digit code to be called is emotionally tough, to pass the first hour I sat and partially got through a puzzle which someone had previously started. As I say that passed the first hour….. then chatted to a few people…
Dr A. my Oncologist is very happy that I am responding to the Chemotherapy which I am currently on.
Comparing my last two CT scans, the latest one shows that my first Cycle of Chemotherapy I am responding to. My markers have dropped by two to 30.

I informed her that I have recently been suffering from shortness of breath so I need to go back in a couple of days to have another Echocardiogram to check all is well with m heart. In the recent CT scan it showed I had a happy heart.

My bloods can now be taken from my right arm 🙂 As I have now gone past a two year period and I have been lucky enough not to have had lymphedema, she is happy for me to take the risk and have bloods taken from my right arm as the veins in my left arm have ‘had enough’.
The start days of my chemo will be changed from a Friday to Monday, as when my bloods are due to be taken, I am close to being neutrapeinic, by having blood taken on the day I finish a  two week session of chemo doesn’t give my body time to recover to give a true reading to see if I am well enough for my next lot of chemo.

The children are really happy of my good news, especially Vince as he is that much older and understands more than Skye and Blake…

That’s it for now…. I am aiming to defy science

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