More Bloods, More Scans, More Results.

More Bloods, More Scans, More Results.

So, I have finished my first Chemotherapy (by tablet form) 2 week session. One week off from chemo, then two weeks on etc.

Yesterday (04-04-2016) myself and a great friend Carole, went to the Hospital to get the blood results which I had, had done a few days previously. The day I had my bloods taken (which took 3 attempts, my veins have had enough) was the morning in which I had only just finished taking my last chemo tablets. Not realising/remembering the results from the blood test may show that I am neutropenic (not enough white blood cells to fight infection). I was borderline neautropenic, so I was asked to have my bloods retaken in a few days time to give my body time to get the levels back to normal.

Within that blood test the levels of my CA15:3 (cancer markers) have dropped further. Initially the started back in October 2015 at 127, now they are at 32.1. The markers are continuing to drop, this indicates that the treatment I am continuing to have for my bones are working!!!!

A couple of days before seeing my oncologists senior registrar, I had a CT scan performed, this needed for me to have a cannula in my arm (this took 2 attempts in the same arm, as the day before) so in my hand it went.

I was scanned from my eye brows, down past my pelvis. The results of these hadn’t been ‘written up’ so I’ll get those at my next appointment.














above is my heart now              above is my heart a month ago
with no fluid present                  with 1.7ltrs of fluid


When I get the results of the Ct scan I will let you know.


Thank you so much for all your support, a big thanks to my parents whom have had my trio the past few days to give me a rest.
Another massive thank you to a dear friend of mine who suddenly and very sadly lost her daddy, he fell asleep and didn’t wake up. Thank you Carole of giving us all the freedom of your daddy’s mobility scooter that happily fits in my boot. Rest Well Peter, you were an amazing dad, a great English teacher, a brilliant taxi driver to hockey matches. I have many fond memories of you Peter, We will have fun and freedom with your scooter.

Thank you for reading my blog x


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adminMore Bloods, More Scans, More Results.

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